SS Lazio Parachuting

Lazio parachuting

S.S. Lazio Parachuting, a section of the renowned Lazio 1900 polisport, was born on October 28th 1993 to promote sporting talents and competition in parachuting.
Since 1993 the SS Lazio Parachuting has carried out the following activity:
– Launches of 140,000
– Students 1200
– Tandem launches (two-seat parachute) 10,000
– Events on Rome and Province 800
• In just a few years, the SS Lazio Parachuting established itself as the first parachuting association in Italy. In addition to the competition, the SS Lazio Parachuting has always been a great support to the Aero Club Italia and the National Parachutists Association of Italy (the two Federations responsible for Parachuting in Italy) organizing multiple Italian Championships and representing Italy in World championships and world cup events.
• After the closure of the historic Pratoni del Vivaro’s Parachuting Center, Lazio moved at the Aquino Airport to reopen the historic Airport of the Second World War, and from 2004 to 2012 in addition to the reconstruction of the airport reopens all flight activities. In 2012 Lazio returned to Rome and opened the school in the historic Rome Urbe Airport Tenuta Pantano Borghese in Montecompatri is the new launching area.
• Leader in the organization of public entertainment events on Rome and Province, SS Lazio Parachuting is committed to charity events and fundraising Leader at the national level for organizing the highest number of Italian parachute championships and owner of the Para Show brand, the only global parachute race organized in an urban center (Roma Stadio dei Marmi).
Among its achievments there are 10 medals in internationals events with the italian team ( world championships and European Cups) and 25 medals in Nationals championships.