SS Lazio Parachuting, Bowling and IIS Pacinotti-Archimede together for the project “ Sports for different heroes”

SS Lazio Parachuting and SS Lazio bowling will organize a conference dedicated to sport and disability on 20 February 2020, in collaboration with the LiSS Liceo Sportivo of the IIS Pacinotti-Archimede in Rome.
The conference is held in the framework the Sports for different heroes project, promoted under the patronage of the European Union, within the framework of the Erasmus + projects, with the participation of four other major European sports clubs, Olympiacos, Red Star, Apoel and hask Miadost in order to pay attention to people with intellectual disabilities and the role of sport in their integration and psychophysical well-being.
The conference is part of the Sport and Disability training module aimed at students of the fourth LiSS classes of the Pacinotti-Archimede Institute in Rome and is addressed to institutions, champions, professionals and managers from the sports world. As far as the speakers are concerned, the Bowling and Parachuting Presidents,  Martino Pota and Carmine Della Corte will be speakers illustrating results of the two multisport days organized in collaboration with Special Olympics Italia. Moreover, the first Paralympic parachuting athlete, Andrea Pacini, the CEO of Aerogravity, Sandro Andreotti and representatives of Special Olympics Italia and of the medical-scientific area will take part in. Furthermore, the Head of the Filippide Project prof. Nicola Pintus and other experts who will collaborate with the staff of the Pacinotti-Archimede teachers in carrying out the practical activities during the teaching module, over the following weeks.
Delegates from Lazio Region, Italian Olympic and Paralympic Cometee, Rome Municipality and MIUR will participate at the conference to discuss about the role of sport in the community.
The event Moderator will be Cristina Chiuso, 4-time swimming Olympian and local coordinator of the project.
The Sports for different heroes project will be studied by students who will not only deal with the theme of disability but also with the management of a project financed by the European community and with the knowledge of English, the language with which partners comunicate in an international event of this kind.
It will be an extremely constructive moment” said Carmine Della Corte and Martino Pota added “the two days of organized sports have left a deep mark on all those who took part, but the fundamental thing now is that the message reaches as many people as possible , primarily young people “.
It is a pleasure for our institute to collaborate with a European project that wants to bring attention to disability, not only because it is a study topic for our students, but because it creates a culture in which sport is an instrument of well-being and integration for everyone ”  Prof. Paolo Cambone said, co-referent together with prof. Massimo Bassi of the Liceo Sportivo Pacinotti-Archimede.

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