The multisport event of Lazio Parachuting and Lazio Bowling

Celebretion in Milan and Rome for the multisport days born within the Sports for different heroes project and coordinated by the SS Lazio Parachuting and by the SS Lazio bowling.
The two-day event organized with the support of Special Olympics Italia, Aero Gravity and Brunswich involved more than 40 boys with intellectual disabilities and champions of the sports world.
In Milan guys had the chance to experience the thrill of flying and to test themselves by overcoming the fears related to free fall. The freedom of movement that the indoor sky diving allows in total safety is one of the many sensations of psycho-physical well-being that this sport is able to give. People with disabilities have shared the experience with partners and instructors who have followed them in this exciting adventure for everyone.
I thank Aero Gravity,” said Lino Della Corte, president of the SS Lazio Parachuting, which in Milan played the role of skydiving instructor “their support was fundamental for the success of the project. It was a great thrill to see how these guys managed to approach the sport I represent. Even those who were initially afraid came out of the gallery excited and with the desire to try again to fly as soon as possible“.
Andrea Pacini, Paralympic champion of parachuting and responsable for the disability project of Aero Gravity, was the testimonial of the event. “Sport is a fundamental tool to overcome barriers and limits, helps people with intellectual disabilities to increase their level of awareness , helps them in everyday activities and is an incentive for them to improve on a daily basis ” the message that Andrea wanted to launch.
Being able to fly a father and child together is one of the most beautiful images that sport can give
The Bowling pins were instead the glue of the Roman day where, in addition to three exceptional testimonials, Carlo Molfetta, Olympic champion of Taekwondo, Giuseppe Cossu, parachuting champion and Cristina Chiuso, swimming olympic champion, SS lazio’s manager also took part in the field. Martino Pota, president of SS Lazio bowling, explained the importance of creating activities that bring people with mental disabilities to leave their homes. “The big problem is that once the school is over, there are few opportunities for these people to leave home and integrate. Sport in this is essential because, not only does it allow you to feel good physically, but also to weave friendships and express yourself at 360 degrees. The simple fact of having a common goal, a pin, helps them learn to concentrate and coordinate their movements and it is astonishing how they immediately become great champions ”
It was a real honor to be part of the project,” said Carlo Molfetta, “today not only did I have a great time but I realized even more how sport cancels differences” “they took up the challenge I launched them, you teach me to bowling and I will teach you to fly” Giuseppe Cossu continued “ and they taught me how to play bowling, now I wait for them in the Rome wind tunnel
As athletes we are used to considering sport only from the point of view of performance, but it is days like today that remind us of the true value of this instrument. My team was composed only of women and they supported me throughout the race, they were definitely all better than me ” Federico Eichberg, deputy chairman of SS Lazio, recalled how sport should be sport for everyone and how projects like Sports for different heroes are of primary importance in spreading this message and thanked Special Olympics Italia for their support in the realization of these events.

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