“Sports For Different Heroes” was officially starting!

Τhe opening of the “Sport for different Heroes” project was held with special interest in the ‘’Red 1925’’ Hall of Karaiskakis Stadium. Olympiacos staff welcomed the representatives of the other participants (Hask Mladost, Red Star, Lazio Parachuting, Apoel) and presented the project requirements.
The first presentation concerned the objectives of the program and the timetable for the actions. The project is divided into 4 different phases. The first one is related the overall coordination and management during the whole duration of the project. The second one refers to the preparatory activities like the needs assessment, the final choice of the target group and the training of coaches so as to prepare the appropriate sport activities for people with mental disabilities. The main stage is the implementation including the organization of multisport activities for people with mental retardation and autism with the participation of coaches, athletes and fans. Another crucial action is the organization of replication seminars so as to increase the knowledge base about the difficulties that these populations face and spread the message to the local community. The last stage concerns the communication policy for which the coordinator’s team made a special reference. They presented the project logo which includes the puzzle of autism and two young people to hold balls. Moreover, they demonstrated the importance of disseminating of the project by distributing information about the project actions to the local media, developing collaborations with national and international institutions and organizations like Special Olympics and INAS and running social media campaigns on a regular basis. The last presentation of Olympiacos was related with the budget analysis and the reporting at the end of the project. Furthermore, the partners’ representatives had the chance to present their clubs’ initiatitives about people with mental disabilities as much as the national policies of their countries.
After the meeting, the participants were transferred to the “Peace and Friendship Stadium’’ where they attended the European basketball game “Olympiacos-CSSKA Moscow” in the 24th Euroleague match.

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